Self-issued credentials

The Liccium app serves as a VC issuer service by implementing and managing various verification processes.

By way of social verification, users can confirm their ownership of social media accounts by linking their wallet address to their social profiles using authentication and cryptographic techniques.

The app also facilitates domain verification. This involves adding a digital signature as a TXT verification record to the DNS records of a user's domain to demonstrate ownership and establish trust in content declarations and claims. By utilising an established trust framework and infrastructure on the web and providing relevant personal identifiable information, the app and its process enhances the credibility of the verification.

In its role as a witness, the Liccium app will supervise challenges and digital signatures to establish a connection between the wallet address of a declaring party and their social media accounts or internet domain ownership at the time of declaration.

Once these procedures are completed successfully, Liccium issues the respective VCs to the users.

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