Issuers, holders, and verifiers

In the context of the cultural and creative industries, any organisation or institution could potentially be an issuer of verifiable credentials and act as a trust service for attribution or assertions.

The project will build a software application that can be used by media organisations to issue verifiable credentials to creators and other rightsholders, establishing a new role for public entities and organisations in digital media publishing to act as credential issuers and trust services.

Credential issuers

Let’s have a look at a few examples of credential issuers:

  • A membership organisation could issue VCs to their members;

  • A CMO could issue VCs to creators they represent;

  • A publisher or media organisation could attest attribution of authors, photographers, and freelancers;

  • Any publicly known entity could issue VCs based on qualified certificates that were already issued to them.

Credential holders

Verifiable credentials have the potential to provide sufficient identification about the holders as the parties making content declarations, such as:

  • Creators, i.e., writers, bloggers, photographers, journalists, musicians, etc.;

  • Rightsholders, i.e., publishers, labels, intermediaries, retailers.

Credential verifiers

Verifier of VCs could be:

  • Any user who wishes to authenticate the content declaration;

  • A platform, such as an Online Content-Sharing Service Provider (OCSSP);

  • Retailers and shops that require domain-specific identity confirmation or want to verify claims to content or attribution.

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