Professional services and plans

Liccium aims to create a sustainable business model for media organisations, online and social media platforms for access to its services, while also providing them with greater control over the management and verification of content on their platforms.
Liccium will offer a comprehensive bundle of services that can help its users to discover and access content and match content. It extends to content that has been uploaded and published on their platforms by their users to match with existing content declarations and verify claims and attribution to the content.
These services can be accessed through the Liccium API, which can be scaled to accommodate small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as large-scale corporations. Different pricing tiers are available for different services to suit the varying needs of media organisations and platforms.
In addition, Liccium also supports media organisations and platforms in setting up and running the Liccium VM on their own servers or local network to generate ISCC codes on premise to better manage and verify content on their platforms.