What is the difference between ISCC and ACR software?

The ISCC makes use of technologies related to ACR (automatic content recognition technologies) to come up with a new short and generic standard identifier for digital content – but ISCC is not an ACR. The following table provides a comparison between the ISCC system and ACR technology.


An open identifier standard proposal

Based on proprietary software

Creates a short identifier string, generated by a combination of multiple fingerprints and cryptographic hashing algorithms

Not an identifier but a content identification system, working with large and granular fingerprints and special indexing systems

Can be generated by anyone with access to content for all media types and formats

Often optimised for specific media types

Has near duplicate content-matching capabilities (lightweight fingerprints)

Developed for content matching, can analyse and compare assets and small chunks in great detail

Can be easily implemented in existing applications, which ensures interoperability across entities

Detailed fingerprints not interoperable

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