About Liccium

Liccium Trust Engine – Digitally sign your original creative works!
Introducing Liccium Trust Engine – the next generation rights and media asset management for the web3. With Liccium, content creators and rightsholders can digitally sign and make public declarations of their original creative works to increase trust in claims and attribution.
By using the service, creators and rightsholders can generate, manage, and declare content-derived identifiers for digital media content on public blockchain networks (like Ethereum and Polygon).
With these declarations, content creators and rightsholders can inseparably bind metadata, rights, licences, and other claims to the digital fingerprint of their content, generate and bind verifiable credentials that serve to provide verifiable attribution to the declarations.
Additionally, Liccium allows users to discover, identify, and verify the authenticity and integrity of digital media content, NFTs, metadata, rights, and licences.
Liccium is not yet another minting and timestamping service; it’s a trust and search engine for verifiable metadata, rights, credentials, and attribution for digital media content.
Last modified 1mo ago